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Special Education

Overview of Special Education in SAU 70 Schools

SAU 70 makes available a free, appropriate public education to all children ages 3 to 21 who have been determined to have a disability. The services provided address each child's identified special education and related service needs. Services and placement within the least restrictive environment are determined in response to the child's unique needs and continue until the student has earned a regular diploma or reaches age 21, whichever occurs first.

Students with educational disabilities are defined as those who: Have at least one educational disability, as defined under federal and state regulations, that requires special education/ related services.

SAU 70 supports an inclusive philosophy for all students with disabilities. As such, it is agreed that the primary educational environment for all students with disabilities is a regular classroom setting. Teachers provide a wide variety of instructional approaches to help students meet the district's curriculum standards. Supports for students with disabilities include, but are not limited to, special education professional consultation, direct and consultative related service support, and direct and consultative specialized instruction that incorporates recommended adapted equipment, materials and/or curriculum, and environmental accommodations.

Review of Special Education in SAU 70 Schools

At the end of her tenure as head of Special Education in the SAU 70 schools, Dr. Joanne Roberts reflects on the state of special education in Hanover and Norwich.
Link to her review.

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