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School buildings and grounds are used heavily by school district groups as well as outside groups after school, evenings, weekends and during vacations. Employees of this district are also required to request space you need beyond school hours. To ensure that the district classroom, field, auditorium, or gym space is available for your use, please follow these guidelines. Thank you!

User's Guide to Scheduling

Step #1: Make sure the space is available! Check the Scheduled Facilities Calendar to view already scheduled events in our district.

Step #2: Read the Quick Step Guide before going through the online requesting process.

Step #3: Schedule Your Event - at

  • Organizational Number: 365573704
  • Password: SAU-70 (note: it is case-sensitive)

Use of Buildings and Facilities Procedures (coming soon)

District Policy Fee Schedule (coming soon)

Please allow 5 business days for processing each request. For outside organizations, certificate of insurance is required.

Call the Facilities Department or email facilities if you have questions. 603-643-3431.

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