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SAU 70 Board Policies

Members Minutes Meetings and Packets Goals Policies

Introduction to These Policies

A - School District Organization
AC Nondiscrimination
ACE Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability: Section 504
ADB Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace

B - School Board Operations
BBBHA Constituent Board Complaints
BCB Conflicts of Interest
BCCE SAU Superintendent Performance Evaluation Committee
BEB Special and Emergency Meetings
BEDB Agenda
BEDG-R Public Use of School Records
BEDH Method of Public Participation in Board Meetings
BGA Policy Development
BGA-R Policy Development Policy Process

C - General School Administration
CBI Evaluation of Superintendent
CBI-R Performance Evaluation Instrument: Superintendent of Schools
CCB Line and Staff Relations
CFC Administration Staff Evaluation
CFD Evaluation of SAU 70 Personnel
CG Administrative Personnel
CGBAD-R Principal
CGBG-R Position of Maintenance Supervisor
CIB Student Employee & Visitor Safety

D - Fiscal Management
DB-R Budget Management
DFA Investment Policy
DFC Federal Aid
DGH Authorization to Sign Grant Agreements
DI Accounting System
DIA Fund Balance
DID Fixed Assets
DJ Purchasing
DJC Petty Cash Accounts
DJE Competitive Bidding
DJE-R Purchasing of Goods and Services
DJEA-R Purchasing Authority
DJEAB-R Administrative Leeway
DJEB-R Quality Control
DJEBA-R Specifications
DJEBB-R Purchasing Guides and Vendor Lists
DJECA-R Standardization
DJED-R Bids and Quotations Requirements
DJEE-1-R Local Purchasing
DJEJA Bill Payment Authorization
DK-R Student Activities Funds Management

E - Business Management
EGD-R Liability Insurance

F - Facility Expansion Program

G - Personnel
GA General Section
GAMAA-R Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens
GAMAA-E Hepatitis B Occupational Risk Worksheet: Guidelines for School Employees
GBAA Sexual Harassment

GBAF Substitute Teachers
GBAF-R Substitutes
GBCA Recruitment for Teachers/Professional Staff, SAU 70
GBD Hiring Certificated Personnel
GBE Assignment of Certificated Personnel
GBJ Personnel Records
GBJ-R Personnel Records
GBK Suspension
GBRHG Holidays
GBRI Vacations
GBRIA Leave Benefits
GBRIAA-1 Jury Duty
GBRIB Illness
GBRIB-R Illness
GBRIF Bereavement
GBRK Vacations of Certificated Supervisory Personnel
GBRK-1 Vacations of Certificated Personnel

GCO Resignation
GDRA Health Examinations
GDRHAA Jury Duty - Support Personnel
GDRHB Illness
GDRHF Bereavement
GDRHG Holidays
GDRI-1 Vacations - Support Personnel
GDRJ-R Conferences for Support Personnel

H - Negotiations

I - Instructional Program
ICB Commitment to Collaboration
IFCD-R School Volunteers
IIA-R Guidelines for Authority to Administer Individual Intelligence Tests

J - Students
JCE-R Non-Discrimination on Basis of Handicap - Student Complaints and Grievances
JDA-R Corporal Punishment
JICD Smoking
JLCCA Students with AIDS/ARC
JLCE-R First Aid and Emergency Guidelines
JLF-R Procedure for Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
JM Contests for Students
JQL Special Education Planning and Placement Procedures

K - General Public Relations
KGA-R Buildings and Grounds (Use of School Facilities)
KI Visitors to the Schools

L - Interorganizational Relations

M - Education Agency Relations
MI State Education Agency Relations

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