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Dresden Board Policies

Members Minutes Meetings and Packets Goals Policies

Introduction to These Policies

A - School District Organization
Dresden Interstate School Compact
Articles of Agreement (revised 12/17/01)
Appendix A - Procedures for Australian Ballot
AC Nondiscrimination Policy
AC-R Grievance and Appeal Process - Title IX
ACE-R Guidelines for Non-Discrimination on Basis of Disability: Section 504
ADB Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace
AFC Emergency Closings

B - School Board Operations
BBA Board Officers
BBAA Authority of Board Member
BBAB Method of Election of Officers
BBABA Chairperson
BBABB Vice-Chairperson
BBABC Secretary
BBABD Clerk of the Board
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BBBH Board-Council Communication
BBC Board Committees
BBF Advisory Committees to the Board
BBFAB Board-Council Communication
BBFF Reporting by Advisory Committee
BBFG Dissolution of Advisory Committees
BCA School Director Ethics
BCAB Regular Meetings
BDA Annual Organizational Meeting
BDD Board-Superintendent Relationship
BDFA Dresden Athletic Advisory Committee
BDG School Attorney
BEA Regular Meetings
BEB Special and Emergency Meetings
BEDB Agenda
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDF Voting Method
BEDH Method of Public Participation in Board Meetings
BF Annual Audit Reports
BGA Policy Development
BHC New Director Orientation: Board-Staff Communications

C - General School Administration
CEI-R Performance Evaluation Instrument-Superintendent
CFB Building Principal Evaluation
CH Administrative Procedures Manual
CIBB Personal Safety
CLB Committee On Instruction

D - Fiscal Management
DB Budget Management
DD Federal Aid
DFA Investment Policy
DGH Authorization to Sign Grant Agreements
DIA Fund Balance
DID Fixed Assets
DJ Purchasing
DJE Competitive Bidding
DJEA Purchasing Authority
DJEJA Bill Payment Authorization

E - Business Management
EBBD Indoor Air Quality
EBBE Traffic Control & Speed Limits
EBH Leasing and Renting
EBH-R Facility Use Categories and Rental Schedule
EBHB Use of School Buildings for Music Lessons
EDB Electronic Surveillance on School Buses
EFC Free Food Service

F - Facility Expansion Program
FN Naming of School Facilities

G - Personnel
GA (Regulation) General Section
GAE Appeals Procedure
GAE (Form) Grievance Form Dresden School District

GBAA Sexual Harassment
GBAA-R Procedure: Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints
GBCD Criminal Records Check
GBDE Employment of Individuals Infected with HIV
GBGA Medical Examination of School Personnel
GC Personnel Management Manual
GCAAC Curriculum Coordinators
GCAAC-R Departmental Coordinator in Dresden School District
GCF Hiring
GCO Evaluation of Certified Staff
GCO-E SAU 70 Standards of Best Practice
GCO-R Dresden Schools Professional Staff Evaluation Plan
GCO-E-1 thru GCO-E-4 (Evaluation Forms)

H - Negotiations

I - Instructional Programs
IA Dresden School District Statement of Philosophy
IA-E Mission Statements of Hanover High and Richmond Middle School
ID Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
IDFAA Grade Level Eligibility for High School Athletic Competition
IDFB Interscholastic Activities, Participation in Regional Tournaments
IDFC Interscholastic Athletics, Physical Exams
IF Instructional Approach
IFA Policies and Procedures for Selection of Instructional Materials
IGC-R Homebound Instruction

IHAM Teaching of Controversial Issues
IHAM-R Procedures for Instructional Programs Dealing with Human Growth and Development
IHAM-E Parent Request for Alternative Program
IHAN-R Driver Education
IHBAA Special Education Evaluation
IHBAA (Regulation) Special Education Evaluation
IHBEA Programs for Students with Limited English Proficiency
IHBG Home Education Instruction
IHBG-R Home Education Instruction
IHBH Extended Learning Opportunities
IHCD College Courses
IHF High School Graduation Policy
IHLD Policy for Determining Specific Learning Disability
IJ Instructional Materials
IJNDB Dresden Internet Acceptable Use Policy
IJO Community Resources
IJOC Volunteers
IJOC-E SAU 70 Volunteer Application and Approval Form
IKAA Interdisciplinary Credits
IKB Homework
IKE Promotion, Retention, and Grade-Level Decisions
ILBA Student Assessment
ILBB Curriculum Evaluation
ILD Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
IMG Animals in School

J - Students
JBCDA-R Leaves of Absence
JBCDA (Form) Contracted Leave of Absence
JBD-R Absences and Excuses
JCE-R Non-Discrimination on Basis of Handicap, Student Complaints and Grievances
JDA-R Corporal Punishment
JFAB Tuition for Residents and Non-Residents
JFAB-1R Dresden Non-Resdent Student Tuition Regulation
JFAB-2R Dresden Non-Resident Student Tuition Agreement
JFABB International Exchange Students
JFAC-R Tuition Guideline for Children of Dresden Teachers

JG Assignment of Students
JGA Grade Placement for Home Education Students Enrolling at Hanover High School
JGB Grade Placement for Students Transferring to Hanover High School From Another School
JGC Grade Placement at Richmond Middle School for Home Education Students and Students Transferring from Another School
JGCB Immunization
JGF-R Personal Safety, Hanover High School Procedures
JGF-R-1 Personal Safety, Richmond School Procedures
JH Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy
JH-R (Regulation) Absentee and Attendance Procedures
JHCA Open Campus

JIBA School Government: The Council
JICD Safe School Zone/Discipline Policy
JICD Exhibit A - Memorandum of Understanding with Police
JICD-Exhibit B - Summary of RSA 193:13 and Safe School Zone Policy JICG Smoking
JICD-E Legal Memorandum on Smoking Policies
JICH Alcohol and Other Drugs
JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention-Bullying
JIE-R Pregnant Students
JIG-R Married Students
JJIB Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities
JKAA Use of Restraints by School Personnel
JLCD Administering Medication in Schools
JLCE First Aid and Emergency Care
JLCE-R First Aid and Emergency Guidelines
JLCF Wellness Policy
JLCJ Concussion Management
JLCJ-R Concussion Management
JLI Student Safety
JLF-R (Regulation) Procedure for Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
JLIE Parking and Access Spaces
JQ Student Fees and Co-Curricular Activities
JQL-R Special Educational Planning and Placement Procedures
JRA Student Records; Family Privacy
JRCA Print Information for Non-Custodial and Co-Custodial Parents

K - General Public Relations
KA School-Community Relations
KCD Gifts to the School
KE Public Concerns and Complaints
KE-R Public Concerns Procedure and Form
KHB Advertising, Commercialism and Contests in the Schools
KHD-R Solicitations by Students
KHE Distribution of Materials and Other Information
KHG Advertising on Athletic Fields
KI-R Visitors to the Schools

L - Interorganizational Relations

M - Education Agency Relations
MFD Educational Research


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